Paslode - ITW Construction Products

ITW Construction Products are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of fasteners and fixing solutions for wood, metal and concrete applications. Our leading brand, Paslode, offers the professional carpenter, roofer and joiner a wide range of pneumatic and gas nailing products designed specifically for wood to wood applications.

The first fix, second fix and positive placement nailers in the Paslode range are up to three times faster than the conventional hammer and ideal for a number of loft conversion applications including, among others, timber stud, roof battening, noggins, joist hanger plates, skirting and architrave.

We are delighted to offer our support to the team at Their forward thinking approach to demonstrating a growing trend in home development has provided us with a genuine opportunity to embrace the digital age and use the internet as a medium with which to reach new and potential customers.

Paslode Spit – ITW Construction Products